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Job Seekers FAQ

How to a get a job with Match Staffing?
Please come to our office Monday thru Thursday, 9 am t0 11 am.

What about a resume?
If you are looking for an administrative, clerical, professional position, a resume is required. If you are looking for an industrial, warehouse postion, a resume is strongly preferred but not required.  If you need help with a resume, please see our Resume Writing Tips.  You may email your resume to (include the date you are coming to our office in the subject line) or bring it will you (jump drive preferred but can be paper copy).

Will you charge me a fee?
No, as a job seeker, you will never be charged a fee for Match to find you a job.  The employer pays us to find them top talent.

Are the jobs temp or direct-hire?
Match Staffing offers temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire opportunities.  The client company who is in search of talent makes the decision on how the hire will be handled.

What is “temporary,” “temp-to-hire,” and “direct hire.”

If temporary, then there is little expectation of being hired on by the company and the candidate will remain on Match’s payroll throughout the assignment.

If temp-to-hire, the company plans (but never guarantied) to hire the right candidate after a certain period of time.  The candidate will be on Match’s payroll for a period of time and then later transition to the client company’s payroll.  The time until transition depends on the agreement between Match and the client company.

If direct hire, the client company will hire the candidate directly onto its payroll – there is no temp period.  However, we typically set up interviews and negotiate salary and benefits.

What is the job placement process?
You should visit our office and let us briefly review your work history and perform  a background check.  If we believe we may have a place for you at one of our client companies, we will proceed with an application, skills testing, interview, and drug screen.  Any review of a background issue will be case-by-case and dependent on the client company requirements and the particular skills and needs of the position.

Where will Match place me?
Match works with small, local companies to Fortune 500 companies that are household names.  Our goal each and everyday is to match the best candidate with a great client company.  We can discuss more specifics during your interview at Match.

I applied on your website – now what?
After you submit an application, please call our office and schedule a visit with a staffing manager at Match.  Be sure to tell us that you already applied so we do not ask you to complete another application.  All candidates are interviewed individually and is done prior to any placement consideration.  During your interview at Match, please ask about follow-up and staying in contact with Match.  If you do not come to our office within a reasonable time after completing your website application, your application will be deleted from our system and you will need to reaply.

I applied with Match but no one has called me or placed me on a job – what do I do?
If you have not had a one-on-one interview at the Match Staffing office, please come Monday-Thursday, 9 am – 11 am.  Be sure to advise the receptionist that you completed an application already.  If you had an interview, have you followed the information the stffing manager provided including calling the availability list?  Also, please understand, no staffing company can place everyone.  We will do our best but cannot guarantee a placement.

I applied and have called my staffing manager but she has not returned my call – what do I do?
Unfortunately, due to the number of calls we receive everyday, we cannot return every call.  If we believe you are the perfect match for a job, we will contact you.  If you see a position on our job board that you feel extremely qualified for, please call your staffing manager explain.

How do I get paid and when?
We require all Match employees to utilize either direct deposit or a paycard.  If you want or are use to getting a paper check – we found those who were unfamilar with these options soon realize how much better they work soon after switching from a paper check.  If you have questions, please ask us.  All employees are paid on Fridays and is a “week in the hole.”

What do I do when an assignment ends?
Pursuant to Alabama Department of Labor Rule 480-4-3-.37, a worker of a temporary help agency must “contact” that staffing company when the assignment ends.  Contact is determined by the individual staffing company and will differ among staffing companies.  Match Staffing requires its empoyees to complete a Request to Return to Work form.  A blank form was provided when you interviewed at Match.  If you misplaced your form, please come to our office.  Completion of the form is required by that rule to be done by the end of the next business day following your assignment.  If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact Rick Marks at Match.  If you fail to return the completed form by the deadline, you may be denied your unemployment benefits.



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